Friday, May 31, 2013

High School Class Sees Right Through Teacher’s ‘Work Period’

I'm a freak about posting things on my calendar way ahead of time

MOOSONEE: A grade 12 class at the local Moosonee high school finally figured out what it really meant when their teacher announced a “work period.” 

 “At first I just thought he was being nice and letting us have some extra time to work on our projects,” said grade 12 student Richard Hunter. “It wasn’t until he announced a work period when we didn't even have a project to work on that I got suspicious.” 

 Hunter conferred with his fellow classmates. 

 “Looking back at the calendar we were able to recall the work period days throughout the past semester,” said Troy Gray pointing out circled Mondays on a calendar. “Or, most especially, Tuesdays after long weekends!”

 “It was then that we realized that [the teacher] just didn’t have anything prepared! He had nothin’ to teach!” 

 “Still, it’s fine by us and we’re happy to keep his secret. I know I won’t tell anyone.” 

 Some students pondered whether or not this discovery is connected to ‘play time’ they experienced in their primary grades. 

The grade 12 teacher declined to comment. 

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