Friday, May 10, 2013

Area Students Unimpressed with Comic Sans Font in Teacher Slideshow

May 10, 2013

MOOSONEE: In a surprising turn of events last Thursday, students at the local high school were not impressed with their English teacher’s use of the iconic font Comic Sans in a PowerPoint presentation. 

Trying to increase her use of modern educational technology in the classroom, Mrs. Tod attempted to be cutting-edge and relevant by setting all the text in her slideshow to Comic Sans.

“When I finally got the projector working with the help of a student, I was really excited to show the students the new font,” said the veteran English teacher. Feeling puzzled by their lack of a reaction, she pointed out the change to her class. “Look, I even used that cool font to make it more fun.” She paused, smiled, blinked a few times, and watched for the students’ reaction.

Rather than the elation that Tod expected, many of the students audibly sighed, rolled their eyes, or smacked their palms against their faces. 

“I don’t understand,” she later said in an exclusive interview with ‘High School Breaking News’. “I thought they would like it so much better than that boring Roman font.” 

“I hate Comic Sans,” asserted one of her students. “It is, without a doubt, the worst font ever made.”

“What is this, grade three? I don’t know if I can take it,” said another. “The Garfield posters were bad enough, now this.” 

Looking up from his laptop and adjusting his glasses, one student said, “this typographical faux-pah is really an affront to high school students everywhere.”

“It’s, like, so ugly,” said another student. 

“I didn’t notice,” said one girl without looking up from her iPhone. “I never look at her Powerpoints anyway.” 

“I think it’s cute!” said Mrs. Tod clicking through the slides she had carefully prepared on the classroom computer. Apparently unaware of the default font setting, she expressed, “it’s a lot of work changing the font on all of those words. Kids these days just don’t appreciate the things we do for them.”

Mrs. Tod plans to continue her use of Comic Sans despite the dissatisfying response from the class. 

“I think next time I’ll spruce it up with some really colourful clipart. They’ll love it then!” 

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