Thursday, May 2, 2013

Area High School Student Drops Half of Sandwich

April 4, 2013

MOOSONEE: A corner in a hallway at Northern Lights Secondary School in Moosonee became the scene of a horrific disaster last Thursday afternoon. As Paul Whiskeychan navigated the turn, the top piece of bread from the sandwich he was carrying on a paper plate, fell to the floor making a faint splat noise. 

Stunned, Whiskeychan looked down at the slice of whole-wheat bread laying mayonnaise-side down on the floor with a piece of lettuce protruding out the side. As he examined the site of the accident with disbelief, he held in his left hand the remains of his ham sandwich.

“Oh no,” said the grade 12 student who seemed to be considering his next step. Standing motionless for a moment with a bottle of water in his other hand, he said, “that’s terrible.”

Whiskeychan did his best to put a positive spin on a sad situation. “Oh well, I’ll just fold over the other piece of bread and eat it that way.” 

The otherwise busy hallway was mostly empty at the time of the incident leaving few eyewitnesses. The solitary eyewitness, Mr. Robinson, offered assistance by holding Whiskeychan's water, enabling him to pick up the culinary casualty from the floor. 

“It’s really too bad for him;” said Mr. Robinson, “it looked like a good sandwich. A shame. A real shame.” 

After disposing of the fallen portion of his sandwich, Whiskeychan continued to the gymnasium to watch an intramural sports game and eat his now ‘open-faced’ sandwich. 

This same hallway intersection has been the scene of other accidents in the recent past. Just last week two iPod Touches were dropped in this same location. 

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